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Memories of the Backyard

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

I took this picture 8 years ago. I know my mom isn’t going to be happy about me posting this but this was my backyard. This was literally my favorite place at our home. I spent many years coming home from school and going straight into the backyard. I didn’t care how beat up the fence was or how patchy the grass may have been. It was my space. It was my space to think and dream about better things. Now this picture is all I have of that space. After 20+ years, my parents no longer live in my childhood home and I’ve seen pictures of the renovations the new owners made. It’s not the same. It’s very pretty but it’s not the same. So I will cherish this picture because it holds so many memories. Especially the one of me attempting to be a photographer. Not bad for one of my first shots on a film camera.

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